Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

At MarbleShine, we don’t like to limit ourselves to just stone restoration. We also specialize in the cleaning and sealing of tile and grout. These services are a significant part of our business, as so many of our clients’ homes contain grout and tile that are in need of restoration.

Grout in particular can become an unpleasant sight as time goes on. This is simply due to the grout lines being lower than the other materials surrounding them; this causes dirt and other particles – sometimes even mold and mildew – to collect and build up. Most grout is porous, or becomes so as it wears down. Once we’ve cleaned your grout lines for you, we make sure to seal it to prevent the buildup of dirt and increase the ease of cleaning in the future.

As part of our grout and tile cleaning service, MarbleShine applies the ColorClad Color Sealing process. ColorClad provides two essential components to grout cleaning, refreshing its original color (or any other color you choose) and thoroughly sealing it using a specialized design that reacts directly with the grout. Additionally, ColorClad is the only oleophobic grout sealer available on the market – which means it completely repels oil and does not allow it to seep through any pores. Oil attracts dirt and other debris; keeping it out of your grout is essential to maintaining overall cleanliness.

MarbleShine provides the following services for any problematic tile and grout found in your home:

  • Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • ColorClad Color Sealing


Resist the dirt; make your tile and grout look new again.

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