Marble Restoration, Polishing & Cleaning Services

Marble is one of the most popular natural stone surfaces found in homes. Its unquestionable beauty is, unfortunately, countered by its softness. Compared to other stone surfaces, marble can crack, chip, and fissure relatively easily. This is especially shocking when you consider that marble is metamorphosed rock that’s spent countless years underground under high heat and pressure. Even so, marble is calcitic – i.e. chalky – and therefore susceptible to damage.

If the marble in your home or business appears to be scuffed and scratched, this is likely due to the high volume of activity the surfaces are subject to. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that develops over months or years of foot traffic. Dirt and other debris finds its way onto the floor and slowly causes damage as time goes on.

Marble is also prone to etching and discoloration. Etching effects may look like water marks that won’t come off. This is caused by a chemical reaction between the marble and any acidic solution it comes into contact with – soda, various cleaning products, etc. Discoloration usually appears as a yellow hue that slowly spreads throughout the stone, which can have a number of different causes including iron oxidization, buildup of dirt over long periods of time, or buildup of wax and other coatings.

MarbleShine offers many different methods of revitalizing your marble surfaces to their original condition. Our highly trained technicians use professional techniques and specialized equipment to bring your marble’s beauty back. Below, you’ll find our specific services for marble surfaces.

Marble Floor

  • Restoration
  • Polishing
  • Deep Cleaning

Marble Counters and Vanities

  • Restoration
  • Polishing
  • Stain Removal

Look no further than MarbleShine to restore and enhance your marble surfaces.

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