Granite Restoration, Polishing & Cleaning Services

Granite is a tough and durable type of rock, and may seem impervious to the types of issues that marble experiences, but even granite can be damaged, and will eventually need to be restored to regain its like-new quality. Corrosion of granite might not be as apparent as with marble or other softer types of stone, but trust us – once your granite is restored you may be surprised at how much it’s degraded!

Because granite is such a durable stone, many homeowners think little of using common household cleaners on their granite countertops or floors. A small amount of cleaner used periodically will not cause too much visible damage to the granite. Conversely, repeatedly using harsh acidic cleaners on granite may eventually cause its shine to fade away and etches to appear.

If this is the case with any of your granite stonework, MarbleShine is here to help. Considering the extremely hard surface of this particular type of stone, we at MarbleShine recommend that you do NOT attempt to polish your granite yourself. Restoring and polishing granite takes specialized equipment, skill, and – most importantly – experience. That’s where MarbleShine comes in.

If your granite is cracked, chipped, or has simply lost its shine, we’ll take care of it for you. Enlist MarbleShine to do the heavy lifting for you: we restore, polish, and seal your granite, so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe from harm for years to come.

MarbleShine offers the following services for all of your granite surfaces:

Granite Floor

  • -Polishing
  • -Floor Maintenance

Granite Counters and Vanities

  • Restoration
  • Polishing
  • Sealing

Granite is hard, but calling us is not.

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