Onyx, Limestone & Travertine Restoration, Polishing & Cleaning

Onyx is a beautiful and exotic stone, formed from the common mineral quartz. It is sensitive to abrasions and scratches, and also highly sensitive to acidic substances. Onyx is rarely found as stonework in homes, but if you have it in yours and it is need of restoration and repair, MarbleShine is the right fit for you!

Limestone is becoming more and more popular in households across the world. It has also been a popular building material for many years. If you live near New York City, look at the Empire State Building – it’s made of limestone! Like marble, however, this rock type commonly suffers from scratching, chipping, and acid etching. Imagine the upkeep for New York’s most iconic skyscraper! Though that job might be outside the realm of possibility for MarbleShine, we can say that restoring any limestone in your home is well within our capabilities.

Travertine is another common natural stone found in many households, similar to marble and limestone. It can often be found on floors, countertops, and on bathroom surfaces. Travertine, like marble, is a metamorphosed limestone. And, also like marble, it can suffer from similar problems such as etching and scratching. In addition, travertine is uniquely different from marble in how it forms. Natural hot springs deposit travertine into the natural environment. The gas from the spring – usually a hot spring – causes the formation of small air pockets within the stone, and small pits on the surface. The surface pits are typically filled before installation in a home. But as time goes on and the stone wears down, the interior air bubbles can become exposed, causing the surface to become uneven and prone to further damage.

MarbleShine offers the following services for Onyx, Limestone, and Travertine:

  • Restoration
  • Polishing
  • Stain Removal
  • Bathroom and Shower Polishing

If your Onyx, Limestone, or Travertine needs a tuneup, let MarbleShine do the heavy lifting…

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