What is the definition of stone restoration?2015-10-16T09:37:47+00:00

Stone restoration is a process by which worn or damaged natural stone is cleaned, renovated, polished or honed, and sealed to protect from further damage. It involves the usage of highly specialized tools and equipment that are typically possessed only by professional restoration companies like MarbleShine.

Can I restore my house’s stonework myself?2015-10-16T09:37:52+00:00

Realistically, no. Stone restoration is most effective when completed by a professionally-trained technician with the correct equipment, techniques, and experience. If you are unfamiliar or inexperienced in any or all of these areas, we at MarbleShine recommend you do not attempt to restore or polish your natural stone without the help of professionals. Such efforts may accidentally cause further immediate damage, increase the potential for future deterioration, or have little or no effect whatsoever. Seek the expert services of MarbleShine instead!

How do I maintain my stonework once it’s been restored?2015-10-16T09:37:58+00:00

There are a number of products and techniques MarbleShine recommends for extending the life of your stonework after we have fully restored it. See our Maintenance page for more information.

How much does stone restoration usually cost?2020-11-05T08:06:25+00:00

The cost of restoration is usually priced by the job, as opposed to being priced per square foot or per stone type. Many factors go into the determination of a job’s price, including the estimated length of time the job will take, the specific services needed to fully restore the stone surfaces, etc. No matter the circumstances, restoration is always a better value than complete replacement. We at MarbleShine promise to provide you with a competitive and affordable price for any of our services. Contact us today to receive a quote tailored for your personal stone restoration needs.

How long does the restoration process take?2015-10-16T09:38:11+00:00

A number of factors will determine the length of time it takes to complete a restoration job, including the size of the area needing restoration, the type of stone being restored, the desired finish the customer wants, etc. Most jobs take 1-2 days.

Why should I choose MarbleShine as my stone restoration experts?2015-10-16T09:38:16+00:00

Choose MarbleShine to receive the highest quality stone restoration and customer service available in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region. We not only pride ourselves in providing our customers with beautifully restored stone and tile that seems brand new, we also strive to build a strong relationship between ourselves and the customer. We bring you a friendly, professional attitude; transparency and education; and expert-level service so you can feel just as confident in our stone restoration as we are.

What is etching?2015-10-16T09:38:22+00:00

“Etching” describes the marks on calcium-based stone (like marble and travertine) that look like permanent water stains. In reality, they are cause by acidic substances – soda, alcohol, etc. – left on the stone too long. If you spill an acidic substance on your countertops or floors, immediately clean it using a recommended cleaning solution – see our maintenance page for more information. Do not use soap and water, as this can cause the stone to wear.

What are diamond abrasives? What is diamond finishing?2015-10-16T09:38:27+00:00

We use diamond abrasives on the heads of our grinding machines for all the polishing, stain removal, and restoration services we provide. Small pieces of diamond – the hardest, most durable natural rock type on the planet – are attached to the rotating heads on the machine; using these diamond abrasives is the act of diamond finishing.

Why are my marble floors and counters becoming so degraded?2015-10-16T09:38:33+00:00

The most common cause of worn-down marble flooring is heavy foot traffic. Our shoes track in dirt and other debris all the time. This causes scratching, dulling, and discoloration due to marble’s natural softness. Marble counters often fall victim to scratching and etching – see question 7 above to learn about etching and etching prevention. Fixing these problems is as simple as giving MarbleShine a call: we’ll restore your marble to its original beauty.

The natural stone in my house is substantially worn. Should I just replace it?2015-10-16T09:38:39+00:00

Maybe you’re sick of looking at the yellow and brown stains on your marble counters, or the travertine walls in your shower are so dull they don’t even seem to reflect light anymore. You feel hopeless and think replacing all of the natural stone in your house is the easiest option. Trust us; restoration is a far more economical option! Restoration costs less time and money from the customer, and prevents the depletion of energy and resources from the environment.

What are the end results?2020-11-05T08:06:25+00:00

Simply put, MarbleShine will make your natural stone appear brand new again. We promise to recapture that new, fresh feeling that your stonework used to have, and we’ll teach you how to maintain that feeling for as long as possible. We work hard to restore your stone, tile, and grout and make you happy in the process. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. Visit our Contact Us page right now to get started on your personalized quote.

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