Stone Floor Maintenance Services

Natural stone flooring is like your favorite book. The more you read it – cover to cover, unable to put it down – the more worn it becomes. Everyday foot traffic and dust accumulate until they cannot be easily removed by conventional cleaners. New construction in the vicinity of your stone floors will leave behind an industrial mess. MarbleShine provides stone flooring maintenance services to restore your floor to its original shine! We clean and maintain your stone flooring in a timely and efficient manner, all at a reasonable price.

Can’t I maintain the cleanliness of my floors myself? If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is yes – but this depends on a number of factors. First, how dirty is the floor exactly? Many common types of natural stone flooring are covered in pockets, cracks, and fissures that aren’t necessarily visible to the naked eye. These fill with debris over time and become extremely difficult to clean without the proper specialized equipment services that professionals like MarbleShine provide.

Second, what kind of products are you using to clean your floors? Improper cleaning of natural stone can actually be one of the main reasons restoration is needed to begin with. Acid- or bleach-based cleaning products (such as ones commonly used for ceramic tile) can etch or dull the stone. We recommend using a PH-neutral (i.e. non-acidic), ammonia-based cleaner to clean spills; try to remove the spill and the cleaner as quickly as possible from the stone with a dry paper towel.

Lastly, you may want to consider how much dirt you track in from outside on a daily basis. Dirt and other debris are the main causes of scratches to your stone flooring. To prevent most damage from these factors, try dust mopping and vacuuming every day.

New Construction Cleanup Services

You just demolished a wall in your home to build an additional bedroom. Now there’s drywall, wood, and other debris all over your natural stone floors, and you’re not sure about a cleanup plan. What can you do?

Call Marble Shine! We provide cleaning and maintenance services for homes or businesses that have recently received new construction and need their natural stonework cleaned and returned to pristine condition. The industrial mess left behind after construction projects can stain or damage stone surfaces if handled improperly. Using our specialized industrial equipment and experience, the Marble Shine team will clean up the debris left behind by any new construction projects you may undertake in your home or business.

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